Rachel Pollack: A Freedom Loving Adventurer

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On their quest, Rachel and Amie talk about many things! The magic, joy, and inspiration Rachel finds in fountain pens and jewelry making. Rachel shares about her newer work "The Beatrix Gates" and transgender activism through storytelling. They discuss the Spring of 1970, the 40th Anniversary Edition of "78 Degrees of Wisdom", and the changes Rachel has seen in Tarot since that time.

Rachel also shares a moving tribute to Stuart Kaplan (1932-2021),

Founder of U.S. Games Systems, and a valuable piece of advice you'll want to hear. 🌞 Solstice Blessings! 🌻 Note: As mentioned in episode, "All the Birds in the Sky" is by Charlie Jane Anders.

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"What you love, loves you." - Rachel Pollack